Celebrities Skincare Hacks for Perfect Skin

It’s no wonder we always look up to our favorite celebrities and try to mimic their skincare routines. They all seem to have baby smooth skin! At Images Med Spa in Wheaton, we want to educate our clients on the secrets for beautiful skin. Many of the celebrities put in the effort and maintenance to achieve perfect skin. It makes sense if you’re constantly being photographed. But everyone should care for their skin and you can also have those amazing results. If you’re interested in learning the skin treatments Olivia Culpo, Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Huntington-Whiteley all get then keep reading on for the exciting stuff!


We don’t know about you but Olivia Culpo is our major girl crush! Everything is always on point her fit, hair, and face! We couldn’t wait any longer and we did a deep dive to find out how she has such a flawless complexion. Besides having a strong skincare routine she often gets chemical peels. When we say anyone can have their dream skin were not lying it’s just sitting beneath the top layer of your skin. So many are surprised to find that the chemical peel should be one of your go-to treatments. The reason is that people often see it as a basic treatment especially since new treatments and advanced technology has been designed. When it comes to melasma and acne this is the best treatment to get than other ones with high-tech devices. Resurfacing the skin with the chemical peel will remove the dull layers while improving fine lines, acne, discoloration, and more. A chemical peel can treat a variety of individuals with different skin types while also saving your money. Compared to other treatments you’ll notice instant results just after getting treated once. Whereas some treatments you need to receive more than once to get the full results. At Images Med Spa in Wheaton, the chemical peel is often recommended to those who want those impressive immediate results. 

After Kim Kardashian posted her “Vampire Facial” results it became one of the most mainstream facials out there. The real name for the “Vampire Facial” is Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP facial. You’re probably wondering how this works and why Kim Kardashian’s face was covered in blood!? How this treatment works is one of our providers at Images Med Spa in Wheaton will draw a few vials of blood, spin it in a centrifuge to separate the cellular components, and from here the blood is re-injected into the face. Platelets contain a large number of growth factors which leads to tissue regeneration. This essentially will increase the skins collagen production which take the skin out of a dull state. Often our providers will partner this treatment with microneedling because it will encourage more collagen to the skin. After microneedling the skin will think it needs to be healed and this will allow the collagen to work its magic to produce a new fresh layer of skin. This killer combination is exactly what your skin! It may be one of Kims secrets weapons to staying wrinkle free. 

Gwyneth Paltrow has her own skincare line with juice beauty so she must also think skin is fun like our skin experts at Images Med Spa in Wheaton. Her top treatment would be laser and we could not agree less. The perfect fall/winter facial at Images Med Spa is our IPL Photofacial. The advanced technology uses direct power from the laser energy light waves to rejuvenate the skin. This treatment is perfect for anyone who is looking to even out their complexion or directly lessen any red tones. The laser light aids in repairing skin damage which is always much needed after the summer months of getting direct sunlight. This also helps in stimulating the collagen production aka the glue that keeps everything tight and plump. But don’t worry this won’t make the skin sag overnight. It just means its time to get on top of the loss of collagen to prevent some of those signs of age. A lot of clients at Images Med Spa are a huge fan of this treatment because it is a lot less invasive than other ones and is pain free. 


Lastly for the beautiful Huntington-Whiteley it would be a custom facial of choice. Well who wouldn’t want a facial that is customized just for your skin?! Not all skin is alike and the way your skin might need to be treated would be different than someone elses skin. At Images Med Spa in Wheaton we offer a Custom Medical Facial for this reason. This facial is special and we use specific medical grade products for your skin. The first part of the facial will include a deep cleanse to completely pull up all the dirt and debris that may have been pushed deep into the skin. It’s important to cleanse the skin first this makes the rest of the products effective. The next step would be a chemical exfoliation the strong ingredients of this medical grade product will seep into the deeper layers of the skin. The most important step is extractions and this would be the part where we would remove dead skin cells and blackheads. It’s amazing what will still come up after thoroughly cleaning the skin. Manually removing whats still clogged in the pores will prevent the skin from build up and acne. We totally get why this is Huntington-Whiteley preferred facial!

So you don’t have paparazzi constantly taking your pictures. This does not mean you should give up on reaching celebrity skin goals! I mean hey we all still want to look good for our pictures on instagram. Book at an appointment today and get that glowy skin at Images Med Spa in Wheaton 💖