How to Shrinking Pores in Wheaton

Large stubborn pores! We hate them. At Images Med Spa in Wheaton we are always getting asked “how can I shrink my pores?”. Everyone is chasing after smaller pores because it makes the skin look smoother, brighter and younger. Instagram and snapchat have even designed these filters that make us look picture perfect. But wait… it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve these results in real life. It will just take some extra work. Good news is that we will lay it all out for you! So there is no research needed. Keep reading as we go over the background of large pores, treatments and products…

Why do we get pores? Little did you know that pores can actually be part of your genetics. So unfortunately there may not be one magic treatment to take them all away but we can work towards shrinking them where they are just barely noticeable. People with fairer skin tend to have smaller pores vs someone with deep skin tones. The reason for this is someone with fairer skin produces less oil in their skin. Oh ya… and oilier skin can also be blamed on your genetics. If it’s in your genes you will most likely also be part of the large pores club. Another thing to consider is how active of a lifestyle you live. If you’re at the gym constantly sweating up a storm or doing more manual labor at your job the pores may be more clogged causing them to look larger. Sweat and oil enlarge the pores walls and this causes them to stretch out. This doesn’t mean stop going to the gym or quit your job (lol), it just means we might look closer at your skincare routine. If you set up a complimentary skin consultation at Images Med Spa we can analyze your skin and figure out what will work for you or is currently not cutting it. The reason for this blog post is just to give you a better understanding how your skincare routine can break or make your skin. Pores are a huge concern for most people! One of the most common places pores appear larger is on the nose or t zone. Pores especially start to get enlarged during teenage years. Don’t worry everyone has an awkward stage and most times it’s those teenage times which can be really hard. The main reason this happens is because of the hormones. This triggers oil production and the excess oils seems to destroy your once tiny pores. We don’t want anyone suffering anymore because we’ve got all the tips and advice when it comes to shrinking those aggravated pores. 


The reasons we recommend scheduling a consultation is because our skin experts at Images Med Spa have all the training when it comes to skin. Yes, it takes more than a little research and the kardashians telling you their skincare routine. Everyone has different skin even if someone has the same “skin concern” it may have to be treated differently. Plus our consultations are free! Our estheticians are here to take away your frustration and provide a valuable skin plan for you. Two treatments that might be a possible option to shrink your pores while overall perfecting the skin would be a chemical peel or microneedling. Exfoliating is the best way to shrink those large pores. Chemical peels will improve the skin’s texture and while improving the blemishes. This treatment is unique for almost removing the top layer of skin and leaving you with an improved complexion. The acidic exfoliation part of the treatment is what improves the skin’s appearance and texture. There are different level strengths of chemical peels so after one of our estheticians analyzes your skin they will know which direction to take with your skin. Depending on the person you might need to get more than one peel but you’ll notice a dramatic difference in the skin after one peel. Some of those results might include even skin tone, decreased signs of aging and in general smoother skin. The other treatment that is often recommended for shrinking the pores is microneedling. When our pores become enlarged it causes the skin to become clogged which doesn’t allow it to breath properly. This often leads to more build up of oils, impurities and dead skin cells. Microneedling can minimize the pores by tricking the skin into thinking it’s wounded which will boost it’s collagen production. This repairs the skin by bringing it back to life and the new layer of skin is replaced with healthier cells. Many people experience improved skin texture from previous acne scars and large pores. The skin overall like chemical peel will come out looking and feeling healthier. 


Another huge factor to consider when shrinking those pores is having a strong stable skincare routine. Strong products with largely powerful ingredients will aid in your journey to minimizing the pores. If you’re buying products at the drugstore or department store they will not offer the same type of strength that medical grade will. At Images Med Spa in Wheaton we offer a variety of these medical grade products that can drastically improve all areas of the skin. Most people shy away from medical grade products because it’s considered to be a pricier product or luxury. But that’s not the case with all the products we offer at Images Med Spa, we can find a skincare product suited to your skin and budget. Two ingredients that we highly recommend for shrinking those stubborn pores vitamin A and salicylic acid. Vitamin A is found in most of our retinols which is a beneficial product to be using in your skincare routine. Retinol is a percentage measure you can take to fight off signs of age. Vitamin A is great for treating acne, built up pores and this ingredient is an exfoliator for the skin. The second ingredient is called salicylic acid. We love this ingredient because it is effective when it comes to cleansing and breaking down dirt and oils. Most people tend to have built up whiteheads or blackheads on their skin and this ingredient can break down the top layer of the skin. Which will essentially minimize those pores, unclog the pores and remove dead skin cells.


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