6 Must-have Products Under $100

I know you’ve heard it before and we are here to remind you again that medical grade products are a MUST have. It’s the best skincare investment you can make because you can really trust the products to do their job. That’s why at Images Med Spa in Wheaton we love to rave about our skincare products because we know how they work wonders! We personally all use these products in our own skincare routines! 

Do you ever browse a department store or supermarket for skincare products? It’s like there are thousands of products promising to do the same thing. It’s almost impossible to decide. It’s basically a waste of your money because you have no idea if it’ll work and you are most likely buying for the branding. Which we get, who doesn’t love a bright pink box that says “Miracle Wrinkle Remover”. Did you know that those over the counter products only contain a fraction of active ingredients. Active ingredients are key to making sure the product will do what it promises to do. The ingredients have been tested and proven by a medical professional. Active ingredients are a lot stronger and for this reason over-the-counter products can’t contain too many strong ingredients in case it’s too strong for the person buying it. Medical grade products can only be purchased from Images Med Spa in Wheaton and other locations along with other prescription products that you can shop without actually needing a prescription. 

So instead of winging it at the store and spending $100 we are going to recommend to you our top 6 favorites must have Medical Grade products all under the price $100. How much better can it get than to save money on something that is guaranteed to be effective by a professional? So many people hear “medical grade” automatically think this is going to cost a fortune, but we can find you the best products right within your budget. We always settle for less and the fact of the matter is that the over-the-counter products that you think are working just fine really are not even doing justice compared to what medical grade products could do. The best part about medical grade products is that they can actually slow down the process of aging while also protecting the skin from any future damage. This means you won’t have to spend even more money on expensive treatments that may be needed for your skin concerns. But having the reassurance from professionals on these higher potency products will set you up for success with long-term results. So if by now we’ve caught your attention and changed your mind about investing in medical grade products, keep reading so we can tell you all about the best ones we offer at Images Med Spa in Wheaton. 

We hear it all the time but everyone’s top concern when it comes to aging is under eye wrinkle, dark circles and puffiness. This place can be a tricky spot to treat since the dark circles that form under the eye are due to the loss of collagen that holds up the skin and it turns into this hollow area which is why it goes dark. To actually get your hands on an over-the-counter product that improves these things is a miracle! So let us introduce to you “Alastin Restorative Eye Cream”. This product costing only at $85.00 is amazing for the results it delivers. This restorative cream uses advanced technology called TriHex. A little goes a long way and if you use it daily you can expect to see results within 4 weeks. This will reduce those dark circles, under eye puffiness, correct fine lines/wrinkles, and help even out skin tone. What’s worthy about this eye corrector compared to others out there is that it supports production of collagen and elastin. Which is exactly what the skins need to correct those areas around the eye due to the loss of collagen. 

Who doesn’t love a good face mask?! It’s like your own at-home facial. We can not stop talking about the “Epionce Enriched Firming Mask”. We love a good mask that actually provides long-term results and this is why this one stands out. A lot of face masks tend to feel good and hydrating but how many of them are providing more than temporary relief. This expertly formulated mask contains botanical ingredients. Instantly you’ll notice a boost in the skin and it is so soothing. It’s perfect for irritated skin and will tone down redness. The long-lasting results are firming up the skin and an elasticity transformation! All this greatness just for $40.00.

If you don’t already have a serum in your skincare routine it’s time to get on-board because you’re missing out on all the amazing benefits they bring to your skin. At Images Med Spa in Wheaton we are obsessed with “Images Ageless Anti Aging Serum”. The reason this product is so great is for its high quality ingredients. It contains plant-derived skin cells, phytonutrients and vitamin c. These ingredients protect and rehydrate the skin. The stronger ingredient is alpha hydroxy acid and this erases those signs of age. This would be perfect for someone looking to correct wrinkles, uneven skin tone and overall dull skin. 

The most important part of any skincare regimen is picking out the right cleanser. Without a good cleanser that works with your skin it’s hard to correct any of those skin concerns. Have you heard about “Images Ormedic Facial Cleanser”? This cleanser is the perfect balance of strength yet mild enough that there is no skin irritation. This foamy cleanser will reach deeper into the skin and remove the impurities. The best part is the skin will be left feeling soft, hydrated and smelling amazing. The blend of ingredients is perfect containing organic aloe vera and botanical extracts. We can’t get enough of this product and it only costs $32.00. 

Acne, Acne, Acne… ugh we hate it! We know exactly how frustrating this skin concern is. It does not even compare to some of the other skin concerns, especially, finding the right formula to treat it can be tricky. That’s why we want to tell you about PCA Acne Cream, our estheticians who are the skin experts are always using this brand to treat acne concerns. Acne is often an irritated part of the skin and this formula is gentle and gets the job done. The spot treatment will treat existing blemishes and prevent a future breakout. Three main ingredients that make this product work wonders are benzoyl peroxide, hydroxy acid gluconolactone and botanicals. The combination of these gives you quick results that are much needed when dealing with the struggles of acne. 

We hope that you’re wearing your SPF on the daily! If not, we recommend checking out the award winning formula “Revision Intellishade SPF”. There are over 20 age-defying ingredients that are so beneficial for the skin. It has you fully protected with an SPF of 45 and on top of that a natural tint to provide the skin with the perfect coverage! The results are clinically proven so you can expect the skin to be hydrated, corrected, concealed, protected and overall glowing. What else can we possibly ask for?!

We love these products so much we feel like it’s this big secret that nobody has discovered the true wonders from medical grade products and shared it with the world. There are many more that we offer and you can check them out on our website or stop in to get an in-person consultation!

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