Let’s Talk SPF!

Every expert says their number one anti-aging tip is SPF. SPF stands for sun protection factor which is a measure of how much protection you have from sun rays. SPF is the one part of your skincare routine that should never change! Even if you spend all your time indoors you should still be wearing it daily. It might come as a shock to you but staring at a screen all day actually exposes the skin to a different light that is equally as harmful. The HEV light (aka blue light) that comes from computers, phones, TV and tablets can actually be worse than ultraviolet lights. It penetrates the skin deeper and provokes premature aging. Good news is there are no signs linked to cancer. These harsh lights on the skin can also cause hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, laxity and damage collagen production. Now you probably get the idea about why we are so passionate about SPF at Images Med Spa in Wheaton. We always rave about the medical grade SPF products we offer at Images Med Spa in Wheaton because they offer the best coverage, protection and are super hydrating.


How to Apply Sunscreen 

For best results, use a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 everyday. Apply your sunscreen of choice generously to all parts of your body that are exposed to the sun. Don’t forget your ears, neck, chest and hands! Make sure to apply the product fifteen to twenty minutes before going outside. Repeat this every two hours or sooner if you are outside, sweating or have been swimming. 


Image Daily Matte Moisturizer SPF 32+

  Award winning and mattifying, this moisturizing SPF gives you all the benefits of sunscreen without any oily residue left behind. This product is packed with high quality antioxidants and protects against broad-spectrum UVA/UVB rays, gearing you up with the armor your skin will need to fight a day of sun damage and pollution. A special Micro-sponge technology absorbs surface oils, leaving the skin with a flawless, shine free product. It can be used as a protective primer as well, giving the skin a healthy glow before makeup application.

Glo Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+

This lightweight and oil free SPF is perfect for your everyday skincare routine. Skip the full face of makeup and wear this tinted moisturizer for perfect coverage. It hides any blemishes and blends perfectly. It’s just a sheer color that makes the skin look natural and even! It will work for anyone at any age! They offer three shades which include light, medium and dark. Tinted moisturizers are always preferred over foundation because it’s lightweight and doesn’t clog pores while still giving you coverage. 


Alastin HydraTINT SPF 36+

This all-in-one product will give your skin a soft, glowy tint while protecting your skin from harmful UVA rays, UVB rays, environmental pollution and  infrared-generated free radicals. HydraTINT is mineral sunscreen formulated to be used everyday or even immediately after skin treatments.  It is water-resistant for 40 minutes and reef-friendly so you can protect your skin without harming the environment. Lightweight, oil-free and fragrance-free, this tinted sunscreen is perfect on its own or as a primer. 

Epionce Daily Tinted SPF 50+

The ferrari of tinted moisturizers! This silky, sheer tinted sunscreen is formulated with botanical ingredients making it perfect for patients who prefer botanical beauty options. Due to its plant-based nature, it’s perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It comes in one sheer shade and will blend beautifully with any skin tone. Argan oil, rosemary extract and sunflower are some of the key ingredients that make the product apply so smoothly to the skin. These ingredients, along with others, pack this product up with awesome antioxidants that protect the skin from not only sun damage but also environmental factors like pollution and free radicals. 


We hope you get why we can’t not stop talking about SPF, it is so important to keep the skin youthful and beautiful. While of course protecting it from cancer. When you care for the skin with love it always ends up looking it’s best as does everything else in life. Book an appointment or call to schedule a consultation so we can discuss skin and take your skincare to the next level!


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